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    Old Friends Don't Mean Shit

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    Weekend Nachos


"We were once brothers but life got in the way. Now I look at you and have nothing to say. Differences aside, we could have worked it all out. But apparently you’ll never understand what I’m about. You could write a bullshit, cry-baby song. Or you could say it to my fucking face. Never on my side, always full of lies. This is where it ends, fucking die. 


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    Tyler The Creator

I fucking hate you
But I love you
I’m bad at keeping my emotions bubbled
You’re good at being perfect
We’re good at being troubled, yeah

Girl, you fucking with my emotions
The fuck is all this noise about?
I even considered picking up smoking
You turned to a bitch, who let the dogs out?
But in my dog house
My bitch is the raddest
Crazy who makes me the happiest
Can make me the saddest


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